Reactions after the historic victory Ajax in Turin (closed)

e73ad21607140d3b81df5667769ea645 - Reactions after the historic victory Ajax in Turin (closed)

Reactions after the historic victory Ajax in Turin (closed)

16 april 2019 07:29
16-04-19 07:29
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Ajax has Tuesday night made history at the expense of Juventus in the semi-finals of the Champions League. Follow all the comments in this liveblog.

  • Champions League:
  • Ajax wins in Turin with a 1-2
  • Of the river, and Is scoring
  • Heenduel in Amsterdam: 1-1
  • For the first time in 22 years at final four
  • Against City or Tottenham in the semi-finals
  • Also Barcelona further

Final positions:
Juventus-Ajax 1-2
Barcelona-Manchester United 3-0

Juventus-Ajax · 30 minutes geledenIn Amsterdam seems Koningsnacht already to have begun.

Also in the Ajax café on the Nieuwmarkt ( Del Mondo ), the joy is enormous.


AuteurMark LeeneMoment of plaatsen23:51 – 16 april 2019Juventus-Ajax · 31 minutes ago

Ten Hag: “We will continue to grow as a team’
“This is very handsome”, said trainer Erik ten Hag after the stunt of Ajax in Turin. “The opponents are all incomparable, but with all the different styles of play we can still good from the feet. Every time we know again to push the limits. This team grows, every match.” Ajax was still on backlog, but showed tremendous resilience. “I am very proud of this team and the staff. And then I forget a lot of people. We have together achieved.”

Juventus-Ajax · 35 minutes geledenOok at the Ajax-fans who are not in the plane to Turin are stepped prevails rabid joy.

With thanks to @luuk and his colleagues of the Boulevard. Leidseplein is upside down.


AuteurMark LeeneMoment of plaatsen23:48 – 16 april 2019Juventus-Ajax · 40 minutes ago

The Young: Hamstring almost not felt
Behind the name of Frenkie de Jong stood in front of the game is still a question mark, but the midfielder was obviously happy that he just to the afstrap was. “I did my hamstring almost not felt,” he says to Veronica. “There’s so much adrenaline free. We were sloppy in the beginning, but in the second half we had actually wider need to win. But we always play with a good plan and have a lot of confidence. The joy is very great.”Juventus-Ajax · one hour geledenVan Prague already has a suggestion for the logo of Juventus to adapt.


AuteurMichael of PraagMoment of plaatsen23:36 – 16 april 2019Juventus-Ajax · one hour geledenVoor those who are wondering or technical director Marc Overmars is happy with reaching the semi-finals.

LE-GEN-DAR-ISCH. #veronicainside #ucl #juvaja


AuteurVeronica InsideMoment of plaatsen23:23 – april 16, 2019Juventus-Ajax · one hour ago

Of the Brook: “Everybody laughed us out of’
“We are blissfully happy”, this is how Donny van de Beek at Veronica the feeling of the Players together. “We are in the semi-final, who would have thought. Everyone has made us laughed. This is for the whole Dutch football great. Maybe we were 4-1 to win. The first half they were better, but the second half we clearly the better team. We have two times, one of the best teams of Europe reports. We’ll see who the next opponent is, but we forget never more.”Juventus-Ajax · one hour geledenDit good set plays on 30 april/1 may, 7/8 may against Tottenham Hotspur or Manchester City.

#UCL #juvaja


AuteurAFC AjaxMoment of plaatsen23:21 – april 16, 2019Juventus-Ajax · one hour ago

💪 – @AFCAjax is the 1st club in a European season (all tournaments), both at Juventus if Real Madrid wins. #juveaja #Ajax


AuteurGracenoteNetherlandsMoment of plaatsen23:14 – 16 april 2019Juventus-Ajax · one hour ago

Although Cristiano Ronaldo, both at home scored against Ajax, he should have ambition to beat Juventus in the Champions League to win it in the refrigerator.Juventus-Ajax · one hour ago

The Lies: This is bizarre, we are so proud of
Matthijs the Is can after reaching the semi-finals, his joy barely put it into words. “It is bizarre, that we realize also. I am very proud, the whole city is proud, this is great,” exults the captain at Veronica. “If we have an opportunity to be the Champions League win? Well, we’re in the semi-final and have Real Madrid and Juventus turned off. We’ll see how it ends. I look forward to the semi-finals.”Juventus-Ajax · one hour geledenVoor who didn’t know yet: there is already a tie for the semi-finals. Ajax encounter at Manchester City or Tottenham Hotspur. The ‘Spurs’ defend tomorrow in the return of a 1-0-lead from the heenduel.Juventus-Ajax · one hour ago

Our boys #ForTheFuture.
#UCL #juvaja


AuteurAFC AjaxMoment of plaatsen23:02 – 16 april 2019Juventus-Ajax · one hour geledenOm to onderstepen how specifically the performance of Ajax is: never previously achieved a club in the semi-finals of the Champions League after three preliminary rounds survived.

3 – @AFCAjax are the first team in history to reach the semi-finals of the Champions League after surviving three qualifying rounds. Journey.


AuteurOptaJohanMoment of plaatsen22:55 – 16 april 2019FC Barcelona-Manchester United · one hour ago

Barcelona is easy to semi-finals
Just as Ajax join also FC Barcelona qualify for the last four in the Champions League. After the 0-1 victory in England is also in Camp Nou won Manchester United: 3-0.Juventus-Ajax · 2 hours ago

Ajax after 22 years again in the semi-finals of the CL
A historical performance of Ajax. The Amsterdammers win by goals of Of the The river, and Is located in Turin with a 1-2 Juventus, by a hit of Cristiano Ronaldo is still on the lead came. For the first time since the season 1996/1997 may Ajax is again a semi-finalist in the Champions League!Juventus-Ajax · 2 hours geleden90+3′ Yellow for RonaldoJuventus-Ajax · 2 hours geleden90′ Juventus still a penalty? There may be hands made in the penalty area. No, according to the VAR! Ajax only have two minutes of injury time to survive, and the loot is within.Juventus-Ajax · 2 hours ago

89′ a Lot of supporters of Juventus have the courage specified and the search is already their car. The home team has a miracle for Ajax is still off.Juventus-Ajax · 2 hours geledenDit was the perfect opportunity for David Neres to deliver a decisive blow.

Oeiii Neres allows the soldier to distribute, but leave this after 😅 #veronicainside #juvaja #ucl


AuteurVeronica InsideMoment of plaatsen22:40 – 16 april 2019Juventus-Ajax · 2 hours geleden85′ The time is ticking away in favor of Ajax. Juventus, that in the knock-out stages of a European tournament about two duels have never lost to the Locals, seems like a bloodied boxer on the ropes hanging.Juventus-Ajax · 2 hours geleden81′ Sinkgraven fell in the eleventh minute for Mazraoui, but must now own to the side. Defender Magallán comes in to the victory over the mark to draw.Juventus-Ajax · 2 hours geleden80′ Ziyech get the shot, but the flag is up for offside. The VAR is the time and moment to view, but confirms the judgment of the assistant.Juventus-Ajax · 2 hours geleden77′ Juventus set a time for the last quarter. Ronaldo appears to be as close to the 2-2, but The Is prevents the Portuguese free in can-heads. Ronaldo is crying out for a penalty, but can find no answer to the referee.Juventus-Ajax · 2 hours geleden75′ Juventus has two goals required, but for the time being remain the odds for Ajax. Neres has the 1-3 on his shoe, but eye-to-eye with Szczesny he touches the ball completely wrong.Juventus-Ajax · 2 hours geledenIs this is the moment when The Is Ajax to the semi-finals in a headline?

JAAAAAA! It is 1-2 for Ajax, The Is the headline in the 1-2! 🔥🔥🔥#veronicainside #ucl #juvaja


AuteurVeronica InsideMoment of plaatsen22:34 – 16 april 2019Juventus-Ajax · 2 hours geledenDe doelpuntenmachine of Ajax runs again at full speed.

155 – @AFCAjax have scored 155 goals this season in all competitions, a joint all-time record for the club (also 155 in 2009-10). Delight.


AuteurOptaJohanMoment of plaatsen22:29 – 16 april 2019Juventus-Ajax · 2 hours ago67′ GOAL Ajax! 1-2

Totally earned is Ajax the lead in Turin. The Is place perfectly and blasts out of a corner of Schöne between two opponents in touch. Juventus will now need two times to score at Ajax still to come! An extension is certainly not.Juventus-Ajax · 2 hours geleden65′ There had Ziyech might zelfzuchtiger. The playmaker lays the ball wide Of the Stream, but had also been able to shoot. Now know Juventus the ball way to work.Juventus-Ajax · 2 hours geleden62′ Again let Ajax Juventus escape. After a quick outbreak try Tadic at the second pole Ziyech to achieve, but Pjanic know the ball with a final attempt to intercept. On the other hand, was a spare Kean dangerous for Juventus. His hard shot goes just next to it.FC Barcelona-Manchester United · 2 hours ago62′ GOAL Barcelona! 3-0

At Camp Nou, the home team happy with the score. This time The Gea, which is enormously was a mistake at the 2-0 by Messi, no chance on a great swing of Philippe Coutinho.Juventus-Ajax · 2 hours geleden57, ” here is the Brook close to his second goal. The midfielder sends the ball to the intersection, but again Szczesny a hand against. It is clear that Ajax is good out of the dressing room.Juventus-Ajax · 2 hours geleden52 ” What a huge chance for Ajax to 1-2. Ziyech can be quite be over, but Juventus goalkeeper Szczesny saves spectacular with his left hand.Juventus-Ajax · 2 hours ago

50′ The first time in the second half for Ajax. A shot of the Stream is cracked and disappears through the leg of The defender on the back line. The corner provides a low-power in favour of the Blind is no danger.Juventus-Ajax · 2 hours geleden46′ A switch to Juventus at the beginning of the second half. Moise Kean takes in the rush hour the place of the light excited Dybala.FC Barcelona-Manchester United · 2-hour geleden46′ In Camp Nou is the second half already started. Manchester United has at least three goals necessary to the semi-finals.Juventus-Ajax · 2 hours geledenOok an impressive statistic: Ronaldo in the quarter-finals of the Champions League.

7️⃣ – @Cristiano has now scored in each of his last 7 CL quarter-final appearances
⚽ (today)

⚽ ⚽
⚽ ⚽ ⚽
⚽ ⚽
⚽ ⚽ ⚽
#JuveAjax #juventusfc


AuteurGracenote LiveMoment of plaatsen21:39 – 16 april 2019Juventus-Ajax · 2 hours geledenVan the Brook underlined his good form with his goal in Turin.

8 – Donny van de Beek scored or assisted eight goals in his last seven away games for @AFCAjax in all competitions (5 goals, 3 assists). Expedition.


AuteurOptaJohanMoment of plaatsen21:50 – 16 april 2019FC Barcelona-Manchester United · 2 hours ago

The other semi-final tonight seems as good as decided. Barcelona lead thanks to two hits of lionel Messi 2-0 against Manchester United, after a in England with a 0-1 win.Juventus-Ajax · 3 hours agoREST: 1-1

The free-kick from Ronaldo to end up in the wall, so search Ajax and Juventus with a 1-1 in the dressing room. Despite the setbacks of the early failure of Mazraoui and the tegengoal of Ronaldo, the Amsterdammers after the end of the Stream again plenty of sight on a place in the semi-finals.Juventus-Ajax · 3 hours geleden45+4′ Juventus gets on the stroke of half free-kick from a dangerous position, after a violation of The Young Ronaldo.Juventus-Ajax · 3 hours geleden45′ The first half has flown by. By the injury of Mazraoui and the consult of the VAR, there will be five minutes extra.Juventus-Ajax · 3 hours geledenHier the 1-1. Ziyech seems to be on target to want to shoot, but an attentive Of the Brook picks up the ball and scores.

BOOM! It’s been 1-1, Donny van de Beek makes this windfall on 🔥 #veronicainside #ucl #juvaja


AuteurVeronica InsideMoment of plaatsen21:43 – 16 april 2019Juventus-Ajax · 3 hours geledenMet this header put Ronaldo Juventus the lead. Meanwhile, the world looks a lot better for Ajax.

Veltman and The Is walk together in the way and Ronaldo can completely free the 1-0 within headlines! 😅 #veronicainside #ucl #juvaja


AuteurVeronica InsideMoment of plaatsen21:34 – 16 april 2019Juventus-Ajax · 3 hours ago,34′ GOAL Ajax! 1-1

Ajax immediately shows resilience and is six minutes after the 1-0 at the same height! Donny van de Beek gets the ball min or more happen to his feet after a bet of Ziyech and shoot neat touch into the far corner. Also this time the VAR look, because there may be hands created, but again there comes the green light.Juventus-Ajax · 3 hours ago,28′ GOAL Juventus! 1-0

Again, scores and Cristiano Ronaldo against Ajax. The Portuguese, who was also spot-on was the Johan Cruijff ArenA, blasts touch off a corner. The VAR checked and he still, because Veltman to the ground. The play, however, shows a unintentional nudge of player The Is have been to, so the party for Juventus just goes by.Juventus-Ajax · 3 hours ago

For Mazraoui, by the suspension of Tagliafico the gelegenheidslinksback of Ajax, took the match in a grand total of eleven minutes.Juventus-Ajax · 3 hours geleden22′ On the other hand may Onana is a time distinguish. The Ajax goalkeeper saves gracefully on an attempt of Dybala.Juventus-Ajax · 3 hours geleden21′ reports For the first time Ajax is seriously in the sixteen at Juventus. The ball is still hanging, after which Donny van de Beek the ball from close high up and over the shoot.Back to top

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