Piet Huysentruyt gives torch to son

2098a0569fc3cdfc19fb8007989c9b7e - Piet Huysentruyt gives torch to son

Striking news in the new Day All: Piet Huysentruyt put a step aside in his restaurant Likoké. The chef let the lead now to his son William. Cyriel get for years, following in the footsteps of his famous father. He began five years ago as a sommelier in Likoké and worked slowly but surely. And from now on he is the big boss of the case. Papa Piet put a step to the side because he is calm and wants to do. Pete is with his 56 years, the victim of ailments such as osteoarthritis and feels that his body needs rest. How, then, will also continue to be Piet involved in Likoké, but behind the stove is no longer there.

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