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‘Old town road’ breaks Drakes streamingrecord

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Lil Nas X’ country-rap hit, ‘Old town road’ landed last week at number 1 in the Us charts, and had now also the best week of all time on the streaming services.

According to Billboard was the number last week, 143 million times, streamed in the United States. That improves the record of Drake from 2018: ‘In my feelings’ was 116.2 million times listened to in one week.

The number of Lil Nas X went viral after the soundtrack was a Tiktok-challenge and Justin Bieber it mentioned on Instagram. In the short rap number serves the nineteen-year-old from Atlanta and a number of elements that are traditional to the countrygenre are – there sounds of a banjo in the background, and he raps about a ‘Cowboy hat from Gucci / Wrangler on my booty.

That the rap number as high streamingcijfers can submit, is also due to a remix with Billy Ray Cyrus.

Drake polite, not his best week. According to the Dutch newspapers he played his concerts in Amsterdam’s Ziggo Dome for a half-empty hall, after the date of the concert several times moved.

And the remix:

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