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Newsflash: 7. Binance Coin Burn, Dash & Golem at P2P trade, Kraken delistet Bitcoin SV – Coin Hero

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Newsflash: 7. Binance Coin Burn, Dash & Golem at P2P trade, Kraken delistet Bitcoin SV

Home News Newsflash: 7. Binance Coin Burn, Dash & Golem at P2P trade, Kraken delistet Bitcoin SV

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Binance Coin

Binance, the trading volume of the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world, was a. lately due to various developments, mainly due to the Delisting of Bitcoin SV (BSV), in the news A few hours after the Delisting was announced, made Binance a further announcement about the latest Coin Burn of BNB. In Accordance with the white paper of the BNB, the stock exchange has the 7. quarterly NBB-Token-Burn in the amount of 829.888 BNB (approx 15.6 million USD ) completed (

The report of Binance explained that the “BNB Burn” took place at Block 7.576.417 and a total duration of 6 hours and 51 minutes. The BNB were tokens were transferred from the Wallet address: 0x38b661e9df2cc4a7570618aa6645319d6bdf2f46 to a different, unusable Wallet address: 0xb8c77482e45f1f44de1745f52c74426c631bdd52. In addition, Binance proudly wrote, that the transaction is very low transaction fees of 0,000009925255 Ether, about 0.02 USD.

Dash & Golem at, that is the biggest crypto market in Europe, with over 770,000 customers has recently added Dash and Golem for the P2P crypto-to-crypto trading. Users now have the ability to Dash to trade direct with other users, if you want to use your Private Wallets to Send and Receive Assets without a Central authority. In an official Blog Post the company said:

The model of the “crypto-to-crypto trade with your own Wallet” is unique. The newly introduced Coins to be paid not to the Wallets of but instead of the private Wallet of the seller directly to the private Wallet of the buyer sent. manages only the Bitcoins used currencies as a means of payment for the purchase of the other Crypto.

In addition, plans according to the blog post in the future, in addition to Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH) as a means of payment. In addition, numerous other crypto-currencies for the crypto-to-crypto trading to be permitted. Are currently planned, among other things, Stellar (XLM), IOTA (IOTA), Litecoin (LTC), as well as other Token on the Basis of Ethereum and Stellar.

Bitcoin SV

The American cryptocurrency exchange Kraken has thrown Bitcoin SV is now officially out of its platform. According to Binance and Shapeshift, the stock exchange announced in San Francisco the Delisting of the BSV. Kraken has tweeted:

The people have spoken. Kraken delisted BitcoinSV.

As the Binance and Shapeshift decision shook the BSV-to-market jointly, became a member of Jesse Powell’s Kraken not immediately the Delisting Brigade. The stock exchange decided to re-evaluate the public opinion. 15. April provided a Kraken a survey on Twitter, in which over 65,000 participants voted with an overwhelming majority of 72 percent for the Delisting of the BSV voted. Only 7 percent did not want the BSV is delistet.

In the blog post Kraken also explained the Motivation behind this step:

In the last few months, has engaged the Team of Bitcoin SV with a behavior that is completely different than anything, what we stand for Kraken and the wider crypto-Community. It began with fraudulent claims, to the threats escalated and legal action, the BSV Team sued a number of persons, the proceedings against you. This Aggression will not continue to exist. Together with other senior members of the Community, and in consultation with more than 70,000 octopus-users, we have decided to remove Bitcoin SV from the list. Deposits are on 22. April disabled. The trade is on 29. April for and all the couples set. The withdrawals take up to 31. May.

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