Maduro is claiming more than 1.7 billion dollars of Portugal

0178a06c9e92daa44d2a1d385a180fd0 - Maduro is claiming more than 1.7 billion dollars of Portugal

The president of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, demanding that Portugal more than 1.7 billion dollar returns. The Portuguese government would have that money illegally blocked.

“Give the 1,727 million dollar free that you of us have stolen, that you (the Portuguese bank, ed.) Novo Banco have taken’, founded Maduro during an intervention on the radio and television to Portugal. With that money, would the Venezuelan government the necessary medication and food, can buy, ” he said.

Maduro accused Lisbon it is not a valid reason for the blocking of the Venezuelan funds. “You have no embargo running against Venezuela, there are no embargo-measures of force, not in the European Union and not to the Portuguese banks, which are the decrease of money that Venezuela belongs to, can justify,” she said.

It is the first time that Maduro publicly speaks about the issue in February by the Venezuelan opposition to the light was brought. That said, to have prevented the president 1.2 billion dollars of Portugal to Uruguay versluisde.

On 23 January called on opposition leader Juan Guaidó himself the interim president. Since then, a number of countries, with the United States on the head, him in that capacity recognised. They want Maduro his power to relinquish.

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