Luk Alloo diving into the nightlife in Kobe Ilsen and Viktor Verhulst

Bosom friends Kobe Ilsen and Victor Verhulst diving just as Luk Alloo, however, like to have a night in. Luk follows them as they on a Friday night gelegenheidsdj’s are in discotheque Carré in Willebroek. Kobe is that day from early in the morning, and there has already been a day’s work for her in Amsterdam. “We are not djs,” says Kobe, ”We lay just like songs, we like it.”.

Luk falls at night in Ranst at baker Omer and his wife Karin. Together they cook up of 220,000 loaves of bread per year. And that still takes place by hand, without fabriekstoestanden. But de bakkerswinkel have them closed. They supply exclusively to broodautomaten who every morning has to be filled. “The bakery running with all those patisserietoestanden was really too much.” The couple has 2 children, but does so mainly at night. “It is an intense job, especially if you have a family. 2 children. That is a click create and continue.”

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