Last episode Of General Utility

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In the latest installment of the public interest welcomes Steven Van Herreweghe great people, including Marcel Vanthilt, a remarkable twins, a man with a secret, Marlène de Wouters, Eduard Buadee and Isabelle A.
Marcel Vanthilt was formed in spite of hallucinatory chaos of the show

14 years ago and talked of Marcel Vanthilt, together with Evy Gruyaert, a very chaotic live show to each other. Friday the 13th was a large scale television show in collaboration with the National Lottery, with a prize pool of a whopping € 40,000. But… like it belongs on a Friday the 13th: everything that’s wrong could walk, ran error.

Marcel Vanthilt: “You stand there in your best costume, with a new underwear on. Dozens of people had to the show, but no one knew what was going to happen. How absurd is that?”
16-year-old Isabelle A jeered

Isabelle A is at concerts usually with much applause and enthusiasm. Steven found in the VRT-archive of an exception. In a live broadcast of Panorama from 1991, the barely 16-year-old singers roughly booed and bottles pelted when she had her hit song ‘black or White’ brought.

Isabelle A: “It was very intense and exciting. We have even fled in a politiecombi.”

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