KNVB moved De Graafschap-Ajax to Friday 26 april

KNVB moved De Graafschap-Ajax to Friday 26 april

17 april 2019 08:41
17-04-19 08:41
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The KNVB is the Eredivisie match between De Graafschap and Ajax to move from Sunday 28 april to Friday 26 april. The football association wants the Locals as to have more time for the first match in the semi-finals of the Champions League on Tuesday 30 april and Wednesday 1 may.

The date of commencement of the duel at De Vijverberg, is still unclear. According to The news of the world is that possible already in the afternoon. The reason for this would be that, in relation to Koningsnacht in the evening not enough police available in Doetinchem.

Thanks to a 1-2 victory at Juventus placed Ajax are Tuesday for the first time in 22 years for the last four of the main European cup tournament.

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