Greta Thunberg in tears: “save the world, such as Notre-Dame’

d088cf501c9e924d8e91a29f1e9ca7ab - Greta Thunberg in tears: "save the world, such as Notre-Dame’

The young Swedish klimaatactiviste Greta Thunberg asked the European Parliament in Strasbourg once again to act quickly so that the world can be saved. She was referring in her speech to the fire in the Notre-Dame cathedral.

Thunberg, who all the way with the train from Sweden to Strasbourg, had traveled, if Tuesday, the environment committee of the European Parliament to speak. She opened her speech with a reference to a fire which Monday night, the Notre-Dame in Paris heavily damaged.

The 16-year-old klimaatactiviste, that young people around the world has inspired to klimaatmarsen, hopes that the political leaders are also enthusiastic to show to our world to save, in the same way as they promise to be the Notre-Dame quickly to rebuild after the devastating fire.

“The whole world was a witness of the fire in the Notre-Dame, but Notre-Dame is rebuilt,” says Thunberg. “I hope that the strong foundations, and I hope that we, too, strong fundamentals have, but I’m not so sure.’

“I want you to act as if your house is on fire’, she continued her speech. “Many politicians say to me that panic is nothing to solve. Agree, but when your house is on fire and you want to prevent it totally collapsing, it is better to a little bit of panic.’

When you are home in each other is likely to fall, you would no longer be the world to fly in business class. You would not three noodbijeenkomsten about Brexit organize and no on climate change. However, I can tell you, our home is in each other, and yet nothing happens. Wake up and do what is necessary’, according to Thunberg, the voters called for in the European elections to take into account the demands of the young klimaatspijbelaars, who themselves are not allowed to vote.

Thunberg (since yesterday also immortalized as a mural in Brussels) did not ask that the politicians of her, a girl of sixteen, would you believe. But the scientists. They ended with an emotional call: “Politicians, put your differences and scissors you behind the science’, which was followed by a standing ovation.

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