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For the design of the ‘new’ Notre-Dame

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France is an international architectural competition organizing to decide whether and how the tower of the Notre-Dame will be replaced.

President Emmanuel Macron wants the Notre-Dame cathedral within five years is restored. Not only the roof must be completely renewed, also the narrow spire, which the architect Eugène Viollet-le-Duc in the nineteenth century, had added, but Monday night collapsed by the fire, must be replaced.

How the ‘new’ Notre-Dame will look like, will be decided via an international competition, as announced by prime minister Edouard Philippe Wednesday.

‘The international competition will decide whether the tower rebuilt, and the tower was designed and built by Viollet-le-Duc in the same way to rebuilt, ” said the premier after the council of ministers.

According to Philippe, also a new spire, adapted to the techniques and challenges of our time, to the possible outcomes of the match.

President Macron to 16 hours in the Elysée a meeting for the launch of the reconstruction of the Notre-Dame, along with Philippe, and a number of other options.

Did yesterday Kamagurka already a first proposal for the new Notre-Dame. View are environmentally responsible proposal in the video below.



Thanks to the three richest families in France is already a half a billion euros were collected for the reconstruction of the famous cathedrals. Also many companies and individuals want to make their contribution (whether or not for the favorable tax deductions), reducing the amount of over 700 million euros over the coming days likely will increase.

The public prosecutor of Paris showed Wednesday, know that politiedeskundigen that the fire in the Notre-Dame cathedral explore the cathedral still could not enter.

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