Follow Ruth Beeckmans, Gert Verhulst?

7e887a500ffce162f8cc345ff864287c - Follow Ruth Beeckmans, Gert Verhulst?

Everyone was in shock when Gert Verhulst a few weeks ago announced that Samson is another guy. Gert stops in 2020 as Gert van Samson & Gert. But that is not necessarily the end of the eponymous series and shows. Studio 100 can be perfect looking for a new home for George. Or Samson, effectively, a new boss will, however, not sure yet. At least, that claims Gert Verhulst. It would be very surprising if Studio 100 no roadmap have worked out. According to Tv Family is the rumor that Ruth Beeckmans, the new owner of Samson would be. Ruth was a few months ago in the christmas show of the popular duo. Ruth played the role of Angèle, a niece of Alberto Vermicelli. Or the however ever as far as will come that they regularly work with Samson on walking, the future will tell.

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