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“Ferrari is too slow? That is nothing new”

30d23d81219dd65225119e84ebd665af - "Ferrari is too slow? That is nothing new"

It may safely be stated that Ferrari its start missed in 2019, but that surprises Flavio Briatore. “Ferrari is too slow? That is nothing new, that’s all eight years of the case,” said the former team boss of Renault and Benetton.

Flavio Briatore has always a penalty decision in store, and not rarely is Ferrari the object of his criticism. In the Italian talk show ” Non è l’Arena’ was the negenenzestigjarige Briatore asked for his opinion about the start of the season from Ferrari, and he could but to one conclusion: Ferrari is too slow.

“But that is nothing new, that’s been eight years,” said Briatore. “Mattia Binotto is a great technical director but now he is also team boss. They now run the risk that they will not have a fully dedicated team boss, and have at the same time, someone in the technical department lose.”

Briatore thinks Ferrari are in the wrong by Binotto as a team boss to ensure that he as a technical director of good work produced. The flamboyant Italian had already, during the winter, let them know that he was the one wrong decision took by Ferrari.

“Binotto has as technical director very good work has been done. In 2018, had Ferrari is an excellent car, really fast. If they are a little different had addressed with the riders they had, thus the title should be hauling in.”

“We will see what Binotto, now bakes as team boss. What, however, I can’t imagine a double role as technical director and team boss. So We have to still see who he is as a technical director will appoint,” concluded Briatore

That is the answer we know in the meantime: no one. Ferrari president John Elkann and CEO Louis Camilleri trust that Binotto that role can handle. The future will show who is his equal.

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