Family Pinault waives tax deduction for the generous donation to Notre-Dame

The family Pinault, Monday night announced a hundred million euros to donate for the reconstruction of the Notre-Dame cathedral, see of the tax deductions to which she is entitled.

The family Pinault was the first generous giver, and would, through its investment company Artemis 100 million unlock for the reconstruction of the Notre-Dame, and was chairman of the family holding company of François-Henri Pinault wed night known.

Their example was soon followed by Bernard Arnault, owner of the luxeconcern LVMH, and the family Bettencourt (L’oréal), each of even 200 million euros promised to the famous cathedral in glory.

But after the applause followed criticism of their miljoenengiften, because the French state allows a majority of the sum of tax to be recovered. Since 2003, companies that are in culture, invest sixty percent of their spending for patronage of their taxable income, deduct in France.

The youngest hours began political leaders and leaders of associations themselves, to stir against the cost to the taxpayer of this tax, and against the ‘communicatieoperatie ” of the great fortunes.

The family Pinault now clear that she renounces the tax deductions.

‘The donation to Notre-Dame of Paris, no deduction should be. For the family Pinault is it excluded that the French tax payers, this burden would have to bear’, said François-Henri Pinault, the chairman of the family holding and the luxury group Barrier, which include the fashion brands Gucci, Balenciaga and Yves Saint Laurent possession.

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