EU: New sanctions imposed by Washington against Cuba create even more confusion”

The European Union regrets the announcement that president Trump has a plan to get the third part of the Helms-Burton law is soon to activate. That makes it possible for thousands of judicial proceedings against foreign companies in Cuba.

“We regret this decision deeply’, said the ambassador of the EU in Havana, Alberto Navarro. “This is yet more confusion, creating for foreign investment, which will help to jobs and prosperity in Cuba.’ The EU is the main trading partner of Cuba.

As the third part of the Helms-Burton act of 1996 enters into force, Cuban exiles foreign companies in American courts days. The companies would have to justify for gains that are realized with the resources that were nationalized during the Cuban Revolution of 1959. Predecessors of Trump have the clause still suspended, to the confrontation with the allies out of the way to go.

Trump wants the thumbscrews on the government in Havana to further tightening. The Republican broke with the policies of his Democratic predecessor, Barack Obama, who had insisted on an improvement of the long-torn relationship between the two countries.

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