Driving in the Netherlands: Baudet plays hard

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The chance is small that Forum for Democracy, the party of Thierry Baudet, will meebesturen in one of the twelve provinces of the Netherlands. The party wants at the moment no compromises.

A month ago, smote Thierry Baudet, the Netherlands stunned. The Provincial state elections was his Forum for Democracy prompt the biggest party of the country. The FVD pulled out the 86 …

A month ago, smote Thierry Baudet, the Netherlands stunned. The Provincial state elections was his Forum for Democracy prompt the biggest party of the country. The FVD took the 86 570 Statenzetels and was in three of the twelve provinces of the largest.

Immediately asked everyone whether Baudet was willing to drive. One of his chosen had political experience and they were very difficult to estimate. In the campaign had Baudet other parties in the cabinet hunted with radical viewpoints and his overwinningstoespraak was no sensible political or rope knots. It was in the first place, an ideological statement and not a political statement of intent.

Water with the wine

Still left Baudet know that Forum wanted to control, and therefore compromises wanted to close. “We understand that we water the wine need to do,” he said. The last four weeks, was the Forum in different provinces at the negotiating table. But that were in the first place, exploratory, informative talks.

From next week start the real formatiegesprekken. And guess what? The chance is not too big that Forum somewhere in the province of hits. This allows the party to be whimsical and unpredictable. That is apparent in each case from interviews that the NRC Handelsblad had with leaders in the province.

Yet, in five provinces participating in the board have not yet ruled out entirely. That’s where the party is, in any case, still at the table. Especially in the South of Holland, with Rotterdam as the most important city – negotiations may be interesting. The calls are there, on the explicit request of Baudet, led by VVD-crocodile Hans Wiegel. The two have known each other for eight years. The VVD and CDA were this week know they have the conversations with Forum continue.


Especially the right-liberal VVD – the party of prime minister mark Rutte have to be careful tacking. Many Baudet voters voted in the past liberal. The party may not create a Forum simply to ignore it. That would be the voters that the party have remained faithful, but I can appreciate it.

The provincial authorities are important actors in the ambitious klimaatplannen of the Dutch government. The provinces have a thick finger in the porridge in the construction of wind farms and zonneboerderijen. Certainly the construction of wind turbines is very controversial. Many Dutch people do not want to know. Exactly on that theme suggested Baudet during the campaign irreconcilable. He put the klimaatplannen way as economic buffoonery that the Dutchman a lot of money would cost nothing and would contribute to climate change – ‘if it already exists’ – to a halt.

It should come as no surprise that Forum in the negotiations where it itself got out of the car, usually the climate policy as the main stumbling block is called. Was often tweets that a ‘windmolencoalitie’ or a ‘climate coalition’ Forum for Democracy from the provincial authorities wanted to keep.


In the Algemeen Dagblad warned political scientist André Krouwel, that Forum need to be careful with that inflexible arrangement. As a voice on the Forum only a dissenting vote turns out, that voters in the long term deter you. That was the PVV of Geert Wilders, who never water in the wine wanted to do. PVV’ers got, therefore, about to Forum, that a solution promises. The question is whether that indeed is going to offer.’

At the national level to the Forum in the coming years a go roads. The results of the Statenverkiezing also determines the composition of the First Room. The Rutte III no majority more. The premier will each support should look at opposition parties. But on Forum he seems for the time being not to have to count. For Baudet even support want to consider, should mark Rutte and several ministers to dismiss and the climate law in the trash.

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