‘Dean Saunders is considering steps against ex Jamie Faber’

‘Dean Saunders is considering steps against ex Jamie Faber’

April 17, 2019 18:36
17-04-19 18:36
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Update: 5 minutes ago


Dean Saunders would be legal consider steps against his ex Jamie Faber. The detainee singer comes according to his lawyer Rene Halfens to this decision by the interview that the fashion designer gave in which she and her ex accused of serious abuses.

“The serious abuses which it speaks in the leaf are never proven. Saunders is never condemned for them”, says Halfens is in talks with the AD.

“The fact that he hit her, of course, is serious and according to the tribunal, but her jaw was only bruised. This is evident from doktersverklaringen. It is also very strange that they have a broken jaw speaks, while the reality is different. They all seems heavier than heavy to want to convert”, the lawyer of the 38-year-old singer further.

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