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BBC shows climate change from the air

49c2c237bf246f35ba8c20d5da02c307 - BBC shows climate change from the air

That the bad goes with the climate, we know in the meantime. But the changes which the climate causes, are also from great height to see, for example, the BBC.

1 Earth from space

BBC 1, 22: 00

If David Attenborough moment are switching to Netflix, the BBC simply by without him. In this new four-part documentary series, we see the Earth only from the air, so that the changes that the climate causes even more clearly.

2 Exit

NPO 2, 23.05

Documentary of the Norwegian Karen Winther, former extremists who live their lives full of hate and violence have rejected. Winther is fed here from a personal keg: as a teenager she was a member of a violent extreme right-wing organization.

3 Cesar Chavez

Caz, 20.40 hours

Beautiful biographical film about the Mexican-American civil rights advocate César Chávez, who from the early 60s until his death in 1993, emerged for the fate of Latin American migrants in the US. The wall of Trump, he has not, fortunately, need to experience.

4 Van Gils & guests

One, 22 hours

Danira Boukhriss Terkessidis will tell about the new documentary of Beyoncé, while Charlotte Adigéry her second ep comes out proposals. With Rik Torfs and Sister Sonja of the Salvatorianen in Hasselt Lieven Van Gils about the depopulation of the monasteries. Is it okay to be a true story with such sensitive content to fictionalize? Herman Van Goethem, a historian and former director of the Dossinkazerne explains why Takis Würger and his book about Stella Goldschlag, a jew, who during world WAR ii, hundreds of other jews, betrayed, no limit has exceeded.

5 in Respect of

Canvas, 20 hours

The generous donations for the reconstruction of the Notre-Dame cathedral in Paris poured in. Professor of fiscal justice Michel Maus let his light shine on the financial side of the matter. And in their series of Breaking europe travel Rudi Vranckx and Yassine tonight to Palermo, where they met with the mayor of the Italian city. They also speak with him about the fault lines that run through the European Union walk.

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