Barbara Sarafian and Boris Van Severen shine alongside international cue

From Tuesday 30 of april brings One of the new exciting dramareeks Baptiste, from the creators of the successful The missing. Baptiste revolves around the relationship finder Julien Baptiste (Tchéky Karyo) who was also in The missing. Julien Baptiste is in Amsterdam asked for help by his ex-girlfriend and head of the police, Martha Ho (Barbara Sarafian). Martha wants his help in locating a missing girl, Natalie, the cousin of the Englishman Edward Stratton (Tom Hollander). She believes that the case is linked to a Romanian gang that sex trafficking does. The girl urgently needs to be found, and Martha’s son Niels (Boris Van Severen), examining the matter, has, according to her Juliens need help.

Julien, Niels and Edward begin their quest, but soon realizes Julien that not everything is what it seems. Why nobody wants to talk about the missing girl? Who is the man who Juliens wife Celia follow? And who is the mysterious woman that the sex workers helps them, and tells Natalie to Germany is fled? Julien realizes that the case is very different than what it seems. By the time he becomes aware of the danger, is Juliens own family is in mortal danger, and he himself lured into a trap.

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