All the details about the funeral, Paul Severs

162961e22483495a2ac63846766bfb0f - All the details about the funeral, Paul Severs

Paul Severs upcoming Tuesday will be the big goodbye, that was already known. Meanwhile, there are also details published.
From 7.30 pm to 9.45 pm the fans a final salute to the casket in the basilica of Halle. Between 10 and 11.30 am is get the invitees the chance to have a last greeting. The church ceremony will start at 11.30 and will be followed live on large screen on the Possozplein to Halle.

The family of Paul Severs asks the fans to express to the public transport network. From all lansdelen you get in Brussels, and from Brussels it is only 10 minutes by train. There are also 9 trains per hour to Brussels. Furthermore, there are direct connections to Leuven, Mechelen, Turnhout, Kortrijk, La Louvière, Binche, …. More info the website of the NMBS. There are also very good bus connections from Brussels (every 12 minutes) , Ninove, the Pajottenland and the senne Valley.

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