WHO: violence in Libya took all of 174 lives

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The offensive by Khalifa Haftar the Libyan capital of Tripoli to capture are already at least 174 people to the life to come. There was also 758 wounded, according to the world health organization (WHO).

Khalifa Haftar over the past years has grown to become the most powerful militieleider of Libya and brought virtually the entire east and south under his rule. Since april 4, he tries the Libyan capital of Tripoli with his Libyan Liberation army’ (LNA).

In confrontations with militia that the internationally recognised government support fell at least 174 dead, including definitely fourteen citizens, and 758 injured, reports the world health organization.

The organization has new surgical teams to the war zone sent to help with the many wounded. Rescuers were themselves also involved in the violence: last weekend, were once again two ambulances bombed, bringing the total to eight, according to the WHO, that the attack condemns.

The battles are already more than 18,000 people fled their home, says the Office for the coordination of humanitarian affairs of the United Nations (OCHA).

The office of High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), Monday to know that the medical devices delivered to the ministry of Health to help the victims in the hardest-hit areas, Ain Zara and Qasr bin Ghashir, south of the capital.

“As long as the situation on the ground is deteriorating and the number of victims rises, the need for auxiliaries as well as high, added the UNHCR added.

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