Whirlwind by Family

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On Wednesday, april 17 hurtling a whirlwind by the bureau of Lars Wulf (Kürt Rogiers) in the Family. The new character Gloria Theunynck interrupts the meeting of the CEO of Fashion to her complaining about his policies. Her abrupt dismissal by savings is in fact a blow in the face. The arrival of Gloria will not go unnoticed. With its welcomes Family also actress Patsy Van der Meeren (Home, Danni Lowinski, Zone, City, Desire), who is the character shape.

“Gloria is a flamboyant woman, with the heart on the tongue. She tells everyone her thought, ” says Patsy. “ They have a positive attitude and with the necessary humour in life. But when they after years of faithful service by Fashion dismissed, she feels that her injustice is done to them. And then comes the temperament in Gloria to the top .” Patsy is already a few months on the set of Family. “ I felt immediately very welcome. And of course it was a happy reunion with old acquaintances such as Janine Bishops, Werner De Smedt and Lien Of the Basement. ”

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