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Where stops this? Sensational Ajax outclassed now, also Juventus and semi-finals Champions League

92299c091fbd6e8999ffdb01fe724d35 - Where stops this? Sensational Ajax outclassed now, also Juventus and semi-finals Champions League

They have done it. Ajax has just done. Can’t believe it, actually. The David among the survivors in the Champions League, the final four is reached. After Real Madrid went now, also Juventus for the axe. And earned, that also happens. 1-2. What a dream.

Miserable, long, unnecessary, not always to understand. No, the VAR has not been determined to be a flawless entry made in the Champions League. Also in Juventus – Ajax was the van dattum. Two unnecessary interventions in the first two goals put the game particularly long silence. And that while the initial decisions simply were correct. But well, no harm done. Only a bit of the atmosphere of this magical evening was ruined.

46 years ago

Juventus – Ajax was a match full of excitement. Between a quantity that is not allowed to lose, and a fresh, young challenger who is not outgunned west end after a 1-1 in Amsterdam. Rightly also. Ajax began doubting, saw flankverdediger Mazraoui failure, came behind after a goal by – board look – Cristiano Ronaldo – but pulled themselves together. The Stream scored a little after the half-hour, after that is was Juventus barely dangerous. The dream of becoming the first club from the smaller leagues to be which qualified for the semi-finals since PSV eindhoven in 2004-2005 was still alive and kicking. Just like a dream to Juventus to beat, that was already 46 years ago.

Fresh and attacking

Second half. And you felt it. You felt that the Ajax would succeed. If assassins demolish them closer and closer to the goal of Szczesny. There was a first moment – Ziyech saw his attempt fantastic interrupted by the Pool, a second – a princely plaatsbal of the Stream, also parried by Szczesny – and a third – Ziyech chose a pass over a trap – but the shot remained tentative. It wouldn’t be such a match where the team that his chances of fog, punished would be? No. Not at all. A few minutes after the miss of Ziyech was there. He, one of those top talents, buffelde a corner kick. 1-2. The reward after a cascade of attacks. How earned. How nice also for a team from a league that never thought it would ever have a club in the last four in the Champions League to be able to depute. But Ajax did it. The VAR came steal the show, to the disapproved 1-3 to confirm and Juventus a penalty kick to deny, but Ajax. Did. The. With fresh, attacking and dominant football. Again: How earned. Good luck in the semi-finals, Ajax.

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