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What a performance! Victor Campenaerts sweeps Bradley Wiggins of the tables and is new werelduurrecordhouder

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Acquisition Victor Campenaerts has Sir Bradley Wiggins succeeded as holder of the world hour record. The European time-trial champion rode in the Mexican Aguascalientes, a distance of more than 55,089 kilometres together and did significantly better than its illustrious predecessor. Campenaerts is the first Belgian since Eddy Merckx who is holder of the world hour record.

Exactly at 18h Belgian time began Antwerper Victor Campenaerts to the head most difficult hours of his life. 54 kilometres and 527 meters, so far had the European time-trial champion get, he wanted Sir Bradley Wiggins of the tables away and the world hour record for the first time since Eddy Merckx again in Belgian hands.

With a monsterversnelling – 61×14 – charged Campenaerts on an estimated result of 55km200, good for a large improvement of the performance of Bradley Wiggins. Arrogance or realism? Campenaerts would be after 3600 waiving seconds to know.

His start was not too fast, had Campenaerts in advance said. And so it was his first kilometers, as planned, two seconds slower than Bradley Wiggins. But Campenaerts found fairly soon in his rhythm and it was after five kilometers quickly than the British record-holder. Perfectly on schedule. Five kilometres further on, the tendency is clear: Campenaerts reed than four seconds under the schedule of Bradley Wiggins, his lap times were as those of a Swiss metronome, low in sixteen seconds. The first fifteen kilometers, he laid down to 55km/h, on average, unlikely. But we were not even twenty minutes away, there was still so much to be done.

Do not weaken

As Victor Campenaerts not weakened, then was the world hour record for him. And Campenaerts weakened not. After 20 km: 11 seconds ahead. Father Gino Campenaerts and the few admitted fans believed increasingly in. The following cardinal point: 25 km. The advantage: full thirteen seconds.

After exactly thirty minutes to drive half – way so – sailed Campenaerts at a rate of 55,117 miles per hour. And his average speed was still up. The man from antwerp, left in a schedule of 55km/h, if rounds are not slower to travel than the 16”45. And he ducked round a round about one-tenth per second under, good for a bonus of a few meters per round.

The advantage of Campenaerts on the schedule of his illustrious ‘predecessor’ ran round per round, so that he at a certain moment, Wiggins virtually all largely had doubled, the average speed of the Acquisition continued to lap per round add up. The science that Wiggins in the last ten minutes of his attempt also weakened, made the margin of Campenaerts ever larger.

After three quarters of a hour was the Acquisition still on a schedule of 55,110 metres, nearly six hundred metres further than Wiggins. Only the often crucial last ten minutes could Campenaerts have necks but no one that still wanted to believe. Our compatriot saw the lap times are still slightly up, but his average speed remained above the 55 miles per hour, still faster than bradley Wiggins. Or he the record would get was no longer the question, as if he is the magical limit of 55 miles per hour could break.

Campenaerts knew now clearly difficult times and saw his average speed little by little sink towards the border of the 55 kilometres. But the knowledge that his ordeal almost over, made the Acquisition for a last time additional forces free.

The rider of the Lotto-Soudal corrugated a little bit but to folds, he wanted to not think. Campenaerts accelerated yet and continued to give the best of themselves. His lap times dropped back to the sixteen seconds. Enjoy? No, that started after the last signal. What a performance!

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