Wednesday Blind Bought

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Last week was Dina knowledge with Nisse and Mathilde in Blind Purchased. The young couple from Gent lives in a former brothel that they protect against squatters and burglars, but now they want other places to look. Most of all, they want a finished house with a garden in the centre of Ghent, but with a budget of 290.000 euro turns out that’s as good as nowhere to be found. Buying agent, Béa searched and found the ideal home in Gentbrugge (belgium), but at the first tour can Nisse and Mathilde only focus on the cons. “Thanks to an ugly house to buy for us”, sounds disappointed.
Interior designer Bart – “It amazes me that they have so many small details of the interior notice. When you see how they live now, then that’s at least as sad as it is here.”

When Kim and Cédric dropped down to the courage in their shoes as they entered their new house for the first time saw. The confrontation of the limited budget in an expensive region, it was intense. “I’ve had my first nightmare about the house and I really hope that most dreams cheating are …”, sigh Kim. The experts now put all the property on their desires, to tune, but expert Bart has even more bad news for the Londerzelenaars: because of lack of space, there may be only 10 pieces of furniture moving truck in …

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