RED team is looking for high end

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For the men and women of the RED team of Fire brigade Zone Antwerp is fear of heights not an issue. The team is responsible for rescues at high altitude. To be prepared for anything, they need a lot of practice. In episode 3 of Heroes of Here: Through the Fire climbs the RED-team to the top of a towering crane next to the Antwerp Tower and up to the ridge of a wind turbine at a height of 130 meters. “We all have the fear of falling, and that keeps us in life”, sounds at klimleider Koen.

The cliché is true: firefighters rescue also cats. The team is called to a cat to rescue from the top of a tree. That rescue turns out to not be as evident as thought. With the watchful eye of a proud owner and curious neighbors, they will try the pet out of the need to help.

When a large truck omkantelt and in flames, the fire not a second too early. Is the driver still in the burning cabin? And what’s in the ladingston of the big truck? The tramverkeer is shut down and the entire neighborhood is shut down, because to them the contents of the ladingston know, the whole truck to explode.

Heroes of Here: Through the Fire, Wednesday at 20.45 on VTM.

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