Presenter Buddy Vedder finds himself no hunk

Presenter Buddy Vedder finds himself no hunk

April 16, 2019 22:13
16-04-19 22:13
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Buddy Vedder is by meidenbladen ever in the category of “hunk” around, but, he said, absolutely not. The presenter says women are never to have adorned with his appearance.

“In terms of appearance, I am not a Jan Kooijman, or Manuel Broekman,” said the 23-year-old presenter, in conversation with the Beau Monde. For women, it should say especially have his sense of humor.

Also Tinder is not a great success for Vedder. “No. A few. Match! I had a beard, so that was not. Crying under the shower, I sat”, quipped the presenter.

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