Noor was sentenced to 14 years in prison in Russia for spying

f8cf73d12af2c2c9be1a6af248034c02 - Noor was sentenced to 14 years in prison in Russia for spying

The Russian court has a retired Norwegian on Tuesday sentenced to 14 years in prison for espionage. The man was accused of information about the Russian nuclear-powered submarines collected. The case led to tensions between Russia and Norway. The process happened behind closed doors.

The 63-year-old Frode Berg had worked for a Norwegian government agency that must determine whether the grensakkoord between Norway and Russia followed. ‘According to the research, the Norwegian intelligence service tried to classified information to get about the Russian submarines, and was a Mountain involved, ” the lawyer said of the Ear for the pronunciation.

The man was in december of 2017 picked up. “He is 63 and, given the living conditions in the Russian prisons, this is just life,” the lawyer said. He expected that his client would be judged to 14 years in prison, as the prosecution had requested. Berg’s lawyer had the acquittal prompted.

Berg admits that he has Norwegian services has helped by different times to act as a courier, but he assures not known what he carried and not to have understood that it was to be spionagepogingen of the Norwegians, ” said his Norwegian lawyer at the beginning of april.

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