Netanyahu gets majority support for forming government

5589d491b140cf1dfe6bc740f5bfed81 - Netanyahu gets majority support for forming government

A majority of the members of the next Israeli parliament is behind outgoing prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu gathered for the formation of the next government.

In their conversations with president Reuven Rivlin spoke 65 of the 120 elected their preference for Netanyahu as the next prime minister. Netanyahu will, therefore, a coalition can form that is certainly the required minimum of 61 seats.

It is expected that Rivlin Wednesday disclosing that he is Netanyahu the job of the 21st government of the country. Netanyahu will then have 28 days to have the time to finish the mission, possibly extended by fourteen days.

The biggest challenge for Netanyahu is perhaps Yisrael Beitenu, the party of Avigdor Lieberman, insist on legislation that ultra-orthodox jews in mandatory military service to do. Beitenu would five seats in parliament, just enough to Netanyahu to prevent to form a coalition without the party.

If the 69-year-old Netanyahu’s next coalition forms, he begins a fifth term of office. In July, he would then break the record of David Ben-Gurion, founder of Israel who have been longest prime minister of the country. Netanyahu has been prime minister since 2009, and in the nineties, he also held all three years of the ministry.

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