Josje Huisman wants to go back to the Netherlands, relocate

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Josje gave it during the weekend in The Latest News: she misses her family now that she’s mom. Sometimes they will send a message to her mother and a few hours, they than in Antwerp to her daughter and grandson to see. Josje misses her family and miss people that easily and quickly her son Kamari can catch if they are at work. Over the past months enjoyed Josje of her maternity leave but with the release of her single ‘Let them’ break a busy period. Monday had Josje some interviews in Antwerp and she had a nanny for Kamari but usually he goes along, especially if it is for a longer period of time. “It is unfortunate that my family is so far away live,” says Josje this week in All. Most of all, would Josje them close to her, want to have and that can not. Or, Josje would be back to the Netherlands, move and connect. “Our plans are more concrete, yes. There are more and more reasons to return to the Netherlands to go, especially now that Kamari there is.” Josje moved almost ten years ago to Antwerp after they are one of the K3 sheets of paper. That move was necessary because every day, more than two times two hours in the car was not an option. Josje lives in the heart of the city of Antwerp and feels at home there. “In the beginning I thought, however, ’t is but for a while,” laughs Josje Huisman in Day All. Josje gives in Day of All work of relocation to the Netherlands. “But it’s not like I’m completely out of Belgium will disappear”, responding. “It is so already get used to with this baby, but it feels like Kamari has always been there. So I am ready for it to go to the Netherlands to return,” confirms Josje. She and her husband Clé are happy with the arrival of Kamari. Josje close in any interview that a second child would come. Not immediately, Josje is less than four months ago gave birth but she also emphasises that they sometimes mama wants to be. Or the first name of the second baby than with a K will start is the question.

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