James Cooke: ‘we are ready for many years’

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The cover of Day All draws this week our attention because James Cooke and his friend, Dorian. In the past it seemed to James Cooke, a panic and fear that Dorian James would leave for him in trade for a younger person but that fear now seems to have disappeared.

It is great love between James and Dorian, there may even Gert Verhulst will not come between them. For nearly four years, are James and Dorian as a couple, they could each still not to be missed. “Our Facetime conversations are sacred to us. Up to seven times per day, we need to hear each other, about the most banal things. And then, all districts, even though I sit in editorial meeting on the boat. Being there for each other, continue to communicate, to know where the other person is doing, that’s very important for us,” says James this week in All. Dorian has had to learn to live with the increasing popularity of his partner. “People are claiming him already. Often I have full understanding for. A photo or a chat on the street, of course you can. But when I’m with him to the Colruyt go, and an hour’s time, we have only one territory able to finish… I’m going crazy” responds Dorian. James has him the past few years, crazy with his comments that he has a marriage proposal waiting. So far it has not come yet, who knows is that something for very soon. “Sorry, the pressure to ask, is getting bigger,” says Dorian in Day All. “Will there ever come of it, but on convenience. And by the way, if I the tomorrow question, it is no surprise. Will James say: ‘Finally!’ And that’s not romantic?”

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