In summary: everything we know about the fire in the Notre-Dame cathedral in Paris

4c302acc041d21d75de4a390db6d8701 - In summary: everything we know about the fire in the Notre-Dame cathedral in Paris

A heavy fire has a famous cathedral, Notre-Dame, Paris, in the heart affected. All the facts shortly in a row. For more information about a particular item, you can click the links in the article click.

1. What is there Monday happened?

  • Around seven o’clock in the evening was a fire in the Notre-Dame
  • In that part of the cathedral, were for some time much-needed renovation work underway
  • Quickly slapping the flames from the roof of the cathedral
  • More than 400 firefighters were trying the inferno to tame, but a few factors ensured that the operation faced some difficulties
  • The 19th-century gothic spire of architect Viollet-le-Duc collapsed around 20 hours in
  • The exact cause of the fire is still unknown

2. What is the most recent state of affairs?

  • In our liveblog, you can use the events to follow closely

3. How big is the damage?

  • The roof and the spitstoren of the cathedral collapsed
  • Also the vaults are heavily damaged
  • A woman told the BBC how the unique lead-glass windows, saw it melt away
  • The towers and the structure of the Notre-Dame continue to be safeguarded
  • By forming a human chain were also the most important relics of the conflagration saved

4. Is a reconstruction of the cathedral as possible?

  • According to president Macron ‘is the worst avoided’ and the reconstruction of the cathedral as quickly as possible start
  • President Macron announced that there is a bank account where all donations for the cathedral can be deposited
  • The rich French family Pinault, the owners of luxury brands as Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent, Balenciaga and Alexander McQueen, this promises to be 100 million euro release for the reconstruction

5. How to respond to the Parisians?

  • The inhabitants are dumbfounded, and have a lot of praise for the firefighters
  • Gazet Van Antwerpen-journalist karin Vanheusden saw how people silently stood crying on the banks of the Seine

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