His wife Marianne is from Finland looking for a man

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Tonight, Flanders can to 19.55, between VTM NEWS and Family, get acquainted with the likeable 40-year-old Antwerp Marianne, who is in ‘Farmer seeks Wife – Around The World’, goes in search of her Flemish droomman. Marianne loves dogs and loves cold and snow. Since 2007, she combines those two passions in a life as a husky guide in Muonio, a small village in Northern Finland. Because there are more reindeer than great men, and because they are a fan of the program, Marianne is glad that “Farmer seeks Wife – Around The World,” her quest to find a Flemish man easier.

She has her dream job found on the husky farm. Her pack includes 56 of the dogs – which they piece by piece by name, know , that she takes care of, trains, and allows them to hiking. Marianne is a super sporty traveller who loves the unspoilt nature and the outdoors. “The nature and the purest air in the world, that’s what I love here. I am still speechless. But I miss the that I that these moments can not share with a man. It’s just more cozy with z’n two.”

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