Former Republican governor Bill Weld takes on Trump

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Bill Weld, a former American governor, has officially announced he is a candidate among the Republicans for the presidential election of 2020. He is the first Republican officially struggles with Donald Trump.

Weld was in the previous elections candidate vice president of the libertarian candidate-for president Gary Johnson. He said during the campaign that Trump ‘a vijs is loose’.

Weld explained to CNN that he is looking for the against Trump in the primaries. It would be ‘a political tragedy’ as Trump, there is still a period would do, ” he said. “I would be ashamed if I didn’t get my hand would shoot up and the challenge would be to enter into said Weld. The Republican added that Trump ‘effort appears to have… to its behaviour in accordance with the requirements of the law. That is a serious matter in the Oval Office.’

‘Bully of the schoolyard’

In the past surveys, the ex-governor, Trump all as ‘bully of the schoolyard’, ‘unstable’ and ‘a president whose priorities are focused on the admiration of himself instead of on the well-being of the country’.

Weld is from Massachusetts and is considered a progressive Republican. In the 90’s, he was a two-time governor.

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