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Fanny Lecluyse is sincerely grateful with hour record of friend Victor Campenaerts: “For he to the piste had to leave he songs to sing”

Swimmer Fanny Lecluyse has the werelduurrecordpoging of her friend Victor Campenaerts on stage in Spain followed. It was a stressful day, but the discharge and the happiness were something after 19.00 unbelievable. “Until the last second, I was stressed.”

It took a little to find how Fanny Lecluyse the attempt of her friend could follow. “Finally I can watch via a Youtube broadcast of the UCI and using on my phone.” Saw Lecluyse around the clock from 19: 00 her friend, the magical barrier of 55 kilometers, to break. “He was on schedule, but I still got to the last meters of nerves. I really wanted not that there’s anything would have happened. I am very happy for him. There is no one who more deserves. He has truly everything to done, just like the team that is standing behind him. I’m so happy that his dream has been able to deliver,” said an audible zielsgelukkige Fanny Lecluyse.

Songs against stress

Fanny should then especially a lot of nerves to have had, that there were, according to her, when Victor much less: “Before he left for the slopes, we have three times called. He remained very cool and we even sang songs. Therefore, I felt my own stress also what is slipping away.”

“Friday, he’s coming back to Belgium, we had a qualitytime and is there perhaps a party with friends”, close Lecluyse.

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