Factcheckers: Can you make money with Instagram?

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Britt Of Marsenille, Thomas Vanderveken and Jan Van Looveren studies in a new Factcheckers, or and how fast money can earn with a Instagramprofiel. Britt turns himself to become a true influencer and begins to like, tag and respond. How far can they go?

Thomas reads an article by a Belgian who claims that there is not only in cars sjoemelsoftware, but also in small domestic appliances. What is it? And Jan hears a simple pair of jeans can save your life in a shipwreck. You can be as pants, truly as a life preserver use, and how?

On the internet, and in magazines we are bombarded with tips to make your Instagramprofiel more followers to help. And that is very positive, because with enough followers you become interesting for brands. Who will pay to take pictures with their products to ‘posts’ on your profile. But is it all as simple as it seems? Britt goes up to the challenge and, for two months @i_am_blondielocks

Britt: “A whole new world was opened for me. I was on Instagram and used it just for fun photos of my friends to see. But Instagram is also big business. It is a world of appearances and countless many like it, and respond. I went very far out of my comfort zone with one goal in mind: to quickly earn money.”

Britt goes into the leather with a real Flemish influencer of photos to post of her profession. Britt wants to 5.000 followers get, because that is what you need in order to make money. She invents an alter ego and go with a new Instagram profile to get started. Soon turns her life around one thing: reacting, liking and followers to get, because that is the fastest way to the money. But it runs completely differently than expected. And so draws them to the fashion week in Milan to make it as an influencer.

Since 2015 everyone knows all the word sjoemelsoftware. Volkswagen had to admit that the cheating had with eleven million diesel cars. Those cars would perform better on the bench than on the road, because they would know that they are in a test environment sit. Now claims to be a Belgian in an article that there is not only in cars sjoemelsoftware, but also in small domestic appliances.

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