Donations for reconstruction of Notre-Dame continue to pour in

7854194f2d95a4d56370e3e3038ef5a0 - Donations for reconstruction of Notre-Dame continue to pour in

Not even 24 hours after the destruction of the Notre-Dame cathedral is 700 million euros on the table for the reconstruction of the famous cathedral. And that amount will probably be large amount.

Firefighters had the fire in the Notre-Dame is still in the fight, when the Fondation du patrimoine Monday night his decision and announced that a national collection would be held to the reconstruction of the famous cathedral of financing. The French zakenfamilie Pinault said almost immediately 100 million to want to free up a few hours later, their example was followed by arch rival Bernard Arnault, the amount is also doubled, whether or not to allow the other to outdo.

Meanwhile, keep the gifts to walk in. Tuesday afternoons were the family Bettencourt and L’oréal known also 200 million euros to want to donate. Furthermore, the French energy group Total 100 million euro to donate. The businessman Marc Ladreit de Lacharrière (Fimalac), the family Bouygues and the bank Société Générale give each a further 10 million euro. Advertentiegigant JCDecaux is 20 million euro contributions. Also Apple ceo Tim Cook promised a financial contribution, but there is still no exact amount on it.

The Paris city government even attracts even 50 million euro, through a fund for the Parisian heritage. The French region of Ile-de-France put 10 million aside for urgent help for the first work of the famous cathedral. And also other regions grope in the bag: Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes makes two million euros, Occitanie is willing to 1.5 million euro.

Not even 24 hours after the outbreak of the devastating fire was the counter is already at over 700 million euros, and that amount will in the coming days, probably even plot. The mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, had also already announced that they are in the French capital, an international donors ‘ conference’ would love to fund-raise for the reconstruction of the Notre-Dame cathedral.

Tax advantage

The generosity of the businesses is encouraged by the tax system in France. A law from 2003, the financing of culture should encourage, let companies that as a patron action to sixty percent of the gift tax to be recovered. The tax benefit can, over a period of five years and may be spread.

Under certain conditions, there is even a reduction of ninety per cent is possible with the purchase of ‘national treasures or cultural property as ” essential for the national heritage’ to be seen. That last measure cannot, in principle, be used for the restoration of heritage. Also, the reconstruction of the Notre-Dame there is, therefore, not covered. But since Monday night move was a vote for an extension of the tax benefit.

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