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Binance Bitcoin SV delistet – The reactions from the crypto-Community Coin Hero

49fb7fcf806e455e9ca78ba6dcbfe846 - Binance Bitcoin SV delistet - The reactions from the crypto-Community Coin Hero

Binance Bitcoin SV delistet – The reactions from the crypto-Community

Home News Binance delistet Bitcoin SV – The reactions from the crypto-Community

Marcus Misiak –

The Bitcoin SV’s founder, Craig S. Wright has found in the last time only a few friends in the crypto Community. To be his constant claim to be the true inventor of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto has some of the biggest players in the industry are upset, and one of them has recently responded and opinions of all obtained involved in the emerging Ecosystem.

Binance chief Changpeng Zhao (CZ) for about a week, a “Tweet Was Wright” with Craig, as we reported. Yesterday, this was its peak, as Binance yesterday made good on his threat and Bitcoin has delistet SV. The step was welcomed by some industry leaders as a big step forward for the industry, but others were not so enthusiastic.

IOHK-in-chief and Cardano co-founder Charles Hoskinson struck quickly on the side of the CZ and said that it is the only right decision of Binance was to delisten BSV. Hoskinson hopes that further exchanges will follow the example of Binance.

The American stock exchange Kraken is thinking seriously about a Delistung and published a survey on Twitter, whether or not the step is to be completed. At the time of writing rud had voted 59.400 people, with 72% “Yes” and 21% “I don’t care” vote. Only a total of 7% have voted for “no”.

Meanwhile, ShapeShift CEO Erik Voorhees has joined the fast the movement, and on the side of CZ. ShapeShipt will remove Bitcoin SV within the next 48 hours also of the own platform:

Some of the answers went under the Post of Voorhees, the gap that has formed, however, show. A user wrote for example:

Erik, I’m a Fan of you & Shapeshift. I’m also not a Fan of Faketoshi. He is a cheater and a bully. But this action of yours is reminiscent of PayPal cutting off Wikileaks. As a BTC-Maximalist I do not like it. It is contrary to what BTC is.

The opponents were not necessarily on the side of Bitcoin, SV, and Craig Wright, but because the Delistung is contrary to the basic principle of decentralisation. It is the principle of the question of whether a company like Binance, the gains from trading commissions, has the right to influence the future of other crypto-projects directly. Binance has just become the judge, Jury and executioner of BSV.

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