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Also Walloons do their best

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Who the time of the tv-evening want to catch have to stay up late. It was only in the late evening is “La Trève”, and that series is the best of what Wallonia has to offer.

  • In This Respect (Canvas, 20.00-20.35)
    How to respond to the Parisians on the burning down of ‘their’ Notred Dame? A reportage and an interview with correspondent Steven Decraene. From Jakarta gives Michel Maas provided an update on the progress of the Indonesian elections.
  • Around the North sea (One-20.40-21.25 hours)
    Arnout Hauben makes the circle: he decides tonight, the trip around the North sea from Amsterdam. That can be no coincidence: as of tonight, this series is also on show on NPO 2, if you missed them. With those funny Dutch ondertiteltjes.
  • Trust me (BBC 1 22.00-23.00)
    The second season of the British psychological thrillerreeks where nothing is what it seems. As our British friends as much as their best-have done as for the first season, then they get some respite for their Brexit. Until October or so.
  • La Trève (Canvas 22.45-23.40 hours)
    The second season of the French-speaking Belgian thrillerreeks. If our belgian friends are equally their best to have done as for the first season: not to be missed. And keep your jokes about ‘belgian friends’ and ‘hard to do their best’ for yourself.

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