Why put out the fire in the Notre-Dame so difficult

f40398d02e5eb1da038fcdc53540eaf3 - Why put out the fire in the Notre-Dame so difficult

In the fall of the night, the fire in the Notre-Dame cathedral in Paris, still not under control. A number of factors ensures that it is very difficult to keep the flames the boss.

The fire department is with 400 people plucked, but they have been very difficult. If you have a fire of such magnitude much more energy than an ordinary fire. Therefore, it is almost impossible to get close to the flames as would actually need in order to quickly extinguish the fire.

Also the nature and location of the building, making the fire difficult. Thus, it is difficult to get the material up at the cathedral, says a fireman in a conversation with Franceinfo. That the walls of the cathedral are so high, makes the fire even more complex.

To get as close as possible to the core, are the fire fighters on a number of not yet burning wings climbed. From there, they try the fire under control. The other bluswagens must be from outside the walls of the cathedral to try to control the situation.

No plane

Immediately after the outbreak of the fire, some have been wondering why no blushelikopters or fire-fighting planes were used. Among other things, the American president, Trump pointed to that possibility.

But according to the French civil protection hold method too much risk. So would the water with such force on the roof of the cathedral attack, the whole structure would collapse. This would make the disaster much greater effect. Thus, it is the only blusmethode that completely out of the question, according to the civil protection.

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