Thousands of klimaatbetogers on the street in London

5926e07e877efc2142b9dfa2db49cf72 - Thousands of klimaatbetogers on the street in London

In London, thousands of people on the street come to a ‘klimaatrebellie’ on its feet. They block the streets to draw attention to the global warming.

Waterloo Bridge changed Monday, in a park, when demonstrators trees and flowers brought to the protest. Also in other places in London to draw attention to the climate issue. It is expected that the traffic around Marble Arch, Oxford Circus, Parliament Square and Piccadilly Circus a week is disrupted. “We want people do not disturb, but by the passivity of the policy over the past thirty years we can not do otherwise,” says a spokesperson of Extinction Rebellion. ‘Governments look only to the interests of the economic elites in the short term, so in order to attract the attention we need to bet on which economy.’

The events are part of a global action of the British klimaatgroep Extinction Rebellion, which in 80 cities spread over 33 countries of the demonstrations has planned. That requires immediate action and wants the emissions of CO2-emission drops to 0 in 2025. The organization recommends the demonstrators to peaceful protest and respect for bystanders and the environment.

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