The Buurtpolitie-actor is not fired

86bcd9473c8c5b3443153ea0ba01ecdd - The Buurtpolitie-actor is not fired

Souliman De Croock, the actor Aziz in The Buurtpolitie plays, was shocked last week Tuesday when he the press doornam. According to the actor’s right, nothing of what the Day is. “It is true that Aziz is not in the third film of The Buurtpolitie to see”, responds the actor in an interview with Showbizz-Site. “That I’m not in the movie will be shown separately from the daily episodes that are on tv.”
Souliman does not understand that Day All saying that he was not reachable. “My mobile phone is day and night, I put never even on the silent mode. None of what has me on my mobile phone to call”, he continues. Souliman regrets that the weekly magazine, with people calling who already have months of no contact with him. “The press would better agree with my friends and talk, then they have info that is correctly is”, sounds the yet.

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