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The Board of Directors of PayPal to Bitcoin exchange rate of EUR 1.0 million. says it is possible – Coin Hero

829816bfbf5963a169129bafe2db8750 - The Board of Directors of PayPal to Bitcoin exchange rate of EUR 1.0 million. says it is possible - Coin Hero

The Board of Directors of PayPal to Bitcoin exchange rate of EUR 1.0 million. says it is possible

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Matthias Nemack –

In the home PayPal is the ratio of the Bitcoin was not always ideal. Executive Board-representatives Casares praises nevertheless, the enormous potential of the currency.

Bitcoin could record within ten seven digits

Basically, the payment service provider PayPal could be Yes as a competition to Bitcoin and other digital currencies understand. So simple, the situation is, of course, because, as a number of other payment services, such as Uquid bind Coins like Ripples XRP an increase in your systems, to offer users additional value. And also in the home PayPal interest is for a long is quite large. In many cases, the assessments were not a good hair on the first and still the biggest digital currency Bitcoin. The criticism went so far that the Ex-CEO of PayPal, Bill Harris, the Bitcoin, to be referred to even as a fraud, and speculations made a complete loss in value in the near future. A member of the current Board, Wences Casares, however, quite a different, much more optimistic developments.

No guarantee, but a realistic Chance for the Coin

Within a time window of seven to a maximum of ten years, Casares expects the price of the BTC with an increase of up to a Million dollars. So positive before, there was say the least, not even in real Bitcoin-hardliners, who wanted to know in the violent crisis of the past few years of problems. On a research website Casares expressed the said Thesis. In this case, the Board member does not lose, however, the potential risks from the point of view. The chances of that, that will confirm his prediction no later than 2029, the Manager of 50 percent. No Surprise, given the current level of the Bitcoin exchange rate. A tip of the expert potential investors in its opinion, also on the way. Who acquires a Bitcoin, Ethereum and other Coins, and should only invest “excess” capital. So no money, that soon again for other purposes.

Casares: Bitcoin is a complement to classic currencies a maximum of

Here Casares draws a connection to traditional investments – there investors ‘ responsible investment decisions. The PayPal Board of Directors may not understand that there are investors that Investments in Bitcoin and co. completely exclude. Against the Background of the increasing transaction volume in the market and the users should not let the numbers crypto before currencies lump on the outside. A Failure of the Manager prefers to stay in percentages up to 20 percent on the ten-year period in consideration. For Casares Bitcoin is not a Fiat-money-substitute, but most likely a supranational currency, which could in the future serve as a standard instrument, for example, for economic comparisons.

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