Take II cross old hit Luc Steeno in new jacket!

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One of the characteristics of a good song is that even after years, its shine will not lose. ‘Holiday’, at the time, the immortality sung by Luc Steeno is one of those songs. Nathalie and Erik of Take II to discontinue the number from 1990, a fresh look and bring it on 19 april as a new single.
Holiday, summer temperatures, cocktails on the beach… it’s something we currently can only dream of. But Nathalie and Erik of Take II, then there will very soon change; and by their new single ‘Holiday’.
Luc Steeno scored in 1990 – during the heydays of Ten To See – a big hit with the song. “The summer splash just of this song,”cross to Erik shore. “When we were looking for a number that our next single would be, we came up with ‘Holiday’. Nathalie and I had but one glance, need to realize: “yes, that is ‘m’,” he continues.

In the studio was ‘Holiday’ with a fresh arrangement, which makes it very contemporary sounds and very danceable. “The song is a musical ode to the summer, the holiday and the beautiful weather,”says Nathalie. “Who that instant zomergevoel wants to call, need to decide our new single purchase.”

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