Sven Ornelis been for the ridiculous monkey

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It was not a fun Sunday for presenter Sven Ornelis. It is easter holidays and so have Sven on the radio to present. He currently resides in Barcelona, his second home. The only downside of holidays is the fact that he is not to Club Brugge could see. Sunday was against Genk football and Sven was via Sporza witness of the painful defeat of his favorite club. During the match, sent Sven from Barcelona, quite a few tweets to the world and he went a number of times (too) far. So, he called the referee under another corrupt and incompetent. Statements that are not in good earth, fell upon the followers of Ornelis.
“Come on ClubBrugge do not steal from there at Genk!!!”, it was one of the polite tweets of Ornelis. “Yes! Corrupt referee! Blind mole”, wrote Ornelis further. Soon there were reactions of other people, such as “I hope you was drunk or so when writing vd tweet.”

“For me, enough reasons and anger to pure supporter-emotion, and because this phase of the game, painful could overturn a couple of furious tweets into the world (even a few times my smartphone to – and to run for anything I send, that I forget sometimes) about referee Boucaut. That he is incapable was my friendliest. I have him blind also called and even corrupt. That is, many people in the wrong throat shot. I was of the strictest followers of the announcement that someone without proof, corrupt call on my 190000 followers on social media is enough for a strong complaint for slander and defamation of character. Swallow”, wrote Sven on his blog .

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