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Stoffel Vandoorne lost almost his first podium in Formula E

3b209934b42a85be5153fc851578371c - Stoffel Vandoorne lost almost his first podium in Formula E

Stoffel Vandoorne says that he is lucky that he was the Formula E race in Rome has been able to pay. Just after the finish line he had his car on the side due to a problem with the driveline.

After a difficult start of the season was in HWA over the past weekend, finally time to party. Stoffel Vandoorne gave himself and his team the first podium finish in Formula E but has not much close to just after the arrival had to Stoffel are car parking with technical problems.

“It was probably a problem with the powertrain,” knew Vandoorne opposite the ‘Motorsport’ to tell. “But I knew more or less that it was coming, the last few laps saw me slow down.”

“There was no problem with power, it was a matter of the car to spare. As much as possible to the kerbs to avoid and not full throttle over the bumps go, that made it very difficult for us.”

Vandoorne hopes that with this podium finish, a page turned back is for himself and for his team.

“I really hope that we now have a page to turn. It is a difficult start of the year and if you are then here it comes, and ultimately the stage is a great achievement for everyone. I am very satisfied, we have done a good job this weekend and we have also in the qualifications with a well-paced show.”

“We were quick where it was important. I am more proud of our performance during the race because that is what we always shortage. I’ve always said that we had to work and ensure that we are the end.”

“I tried to be the leaders to follow, I had no trouble with their pace while I still have some energy, managed to save for the end of the race,” concludes Vandoorne

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