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Standard share photos of transit Anderlecht-hooligans: craters on the field, demolished old toilets and torn off seats

The Anderlecht-supporters have the Friday night at Sclessin not only fur created with fireworks, and vomiting are also seating areas, toilets and fences. Even fire extinguishers were not safe. According to Standard runs, the damage is already up to thousands of euros.

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Five fire extinguishers meeting or crushed, two broken sinks, 106, demolished seats, damaged fences and also fifteen places where the turf is re-laid out it should be by the fireworks. Standard shared Monday afternoon photos of the damage that the Anderlecht-hooligans Friday night caused by their passage at Sclessin with the press.

On some of the images is clear to see how much damage the fireworks caused. So there are real craters smashed into the turf and see some of the seats black.

According to Rouches runs the damage already on to a couple of thousands of euros for the fire extinguishers, toilets and grandstands. And then it is not even clear how much the repair of the turf and the fencing will cost. For Standard there is a hurry, because Friday night in the top match against Genk already on the program.

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