Small Julen died immediately after a fall in boorschacht

e127f75f5364da4b10b33b288e2d24e5 - Small Julen died immediately after a fall in boorschacht

The small Julen, who three months ago in the Southern Spanish Totalán in a boorschacht fell, almost immediately, to his severe head injuries died. The two-year boy remained on 13 January after the accident but a few minutes in life, is evident from the opening.

The boy was in a more than 100 meters deep, illegally dug boorschacht for a water source cases. His lifeless body was two weeks later at a depth of 70 meters found after rescue workers a parallel shaft were drilled.

The experts that the body and examined the locks that the use of a pickaxe when the rescue operation is responsible for the death of the minor, such as in February, a report speculated. That report was from the hand of the architect Jesús María Flores, who already had a criticism on the rescue operation. The lawyers of the owner of the domain where the accident occurred, had this document submitted to the competent court.

The newspaper El Mundo quoted Monday judicial circles who argue that at the opening no corresponding wounds on the skull of the child were found. The reddingswerken with a pick started only four hours after the fall of Julen, who was so was already deceased.

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