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Second EuroCup for Sam Van Rossom with Valencia

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Sam Van Rossom has won in Valencia the third and decisive game of the EuroCup finals Alba Berlin. For the Belgian Lion, after 2014, the second triumph with the Spanish club in the EuroCup.

Sam Van Rossom (32) is after Tomas Van Den Spiegel, which is twice the Euroleague won, the second a Belgian with two European cups in the trophy case. “It was a tough best of three against Alba Berlin. Over the three matches seen, I think, that we profit not to have stolen. Two convincing victories in their own midst and in Alba Berlin, we lost only after one overtime. In 2014 we won the final and that was phenomenal. In 2017 we gave in the final of the EuroCup and versus Malaga has a unique starting position in the third match out of your hands. That gave me a bitter feeling, but that is now erased,” said Sam Van Rossom in a with packed and with 9,000 spectators filled “La Fonteta” of Valencia. Especially in the first two matches was the Gentenaar outstanding and he made clear why he is still the best baskettende Belgian abroad. In the third party, he signed in 18 minutes for 1 rebound and 4 assists. Valencia triumphed in the third party of this best of three with 89-63 of Alba Berlin. Belgian Lion Sam Van Rossom is already more than ten years abroad, successfully getting started. Since 2013 he is active with club Valencia. In 2017 he also won the Spanish title in the strong ACB.

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