Philippe Geubels and King Philippe celebrate their birthday

0ff27f9d79d24f329708c31575b94986 - Philippe Geubels and King Philippe celebrate their birthday

Today is a special day: it’s the birthday of comedian and One face of Philippe Geubels. One wanted to be the birthday of Philippe on april 15, not just let pass by. And because time-barred so much more fun with two, had One very special encounter for eyes: with King Filip on 15 april.
What proved to be the King was as free to Philippe Geubels to meet. And so, if he had an audience in the Royal palace for their day to celebrate.
The King has a great appreciation for the work of Philippe Geubels, such as in the range of Taboo, and especially the way he brings people together and challenging themes for discussion. They find both that humor plays a very important role to play.
Gentlemen as he is, brought Philippe a special gift for the King. King Filip and myself had a nice tart chosen to share. The two blew together, the candles, and enjoyed a piece of cake and had a casual conversation. In addition, they discussed the 60th birthday of the King, exactly within a year.
Proudly announces One on this special day, also, that there is a new series of Taboo in the making.
Happy birthday Philippe Geubels and King Filip!

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