Phaedra Hoste victim of #MeToo

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Phaedra Hoste is only recently recovered from an operation, but the model and businesswoman was already the power to be a great interview to the newspaper in The Morning, and in it, she tells for the first time about her #MeToo experiences.

In The Morning, tells Phaedra that men’s hair in the past have harassed and that they are also #MeToo-stories. “Dozens, and even a lot more extreme than the stories that we hear. But I find it necessary to now all the men with the finger pointing? Years after the date? No, I would give myself a weak thing. As a woman you must stand strong. We have evolved, we are emancipated, we want to be on the same level as men, then we must also be able to respond as they did. Like me, they want to dominate, I say: “Come on down, we’ll take a look see!”, what it sounds like.

Phaedra Hoste has over the past years disturbed the victims. “They could not be otherwise, because they were in a submissive position. There are certainly exceptions, but you’re not going for many years for a boss work that you are sexually intimidates? Where is your self respect?”

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